Week 04 - Midterm Outline

The concept of my midterm game is based around playing guitar in Washington Square Park using the entire keyboard. The game will be very free and open, and will be designed for people who don't know music very well, since the majority of the people who play it won't. You carry your guitar around and visit many people across the park, some of which have instructions, some of which don't. The challenge in the game is figuring out what people want you to play what--the solution to this might be having someone tell you what key they want you to play in and what letters correspond to the notes in that key, or it might be told to you by the questgiver, or in the hardest puzzles, you might have to figure out what key they're playing in based off of your ear and previous experience. (I guess my game might end up being unplayable for tone deaf people, but hopefully not.)

I will have to make a good amount of assets, including:

-The player with their guitar

-The people around the park

-Instruments for musicians playing around the park who you play with

-Trees, benches, the fountain, the arch, other scenery

-Birds, dogs, and other miscellaneous decorations if I have time

I also might have to make music, but worst case scenario, I can use free music online.


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sounds cool but also really big, maybe think of keeping it simple