Week 07 - Port Mortem

My game is an open world adventure game where the player performs simple quests for different people around Washington Square Park. You play the guitar, and all of the quests are music-related. Usually, if a quest is difficult to complete, another npc will tell the player how to complete it, and there's a keyboard view to help players figure out which notes they're playing.

I had two biggest problems during development. The first was figuring out how to make a music game for people who don't understand music without making it overly simple. The solution to this problem was to make the quests simple and involve notes and a tiny bit of theory, but have the actual physical actions be very simple. The other issue I had was Maya simply not working, which forced me to use Maya on other people's computers at several points in development, as well as having a pretty involved email chain with Autodesk. It still hasn't been fixed. :(

If I could take this project further I would definitely increase the amount of things you can interact with in the park. Right now it's pretty low, with it solely being the quests and kind of having an extra guy who plays a song, but having more stuff to just freestyle to without having a quest would be nice. Also, having more moving objects would make the park feel a lot more alive.

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