Week 08 - Prototypes

- The four categories of prototypes are role prototypes, implementation prototypes, look and feel prototypes, and integration prototypes.

-Example 2 is a look and feel prototype, and was meant to test how interface created to interact with the chair felt for users. On the other hand, Example 3 was intended to test how complex a 3D shape could be using the current processing power. They are very different: Example 2 is a test of aesthetics, while Example 3 is a test of functionality.

-Example 7 is primarily a role prototype. Since it was designed to test how customers would react to seeing it in a store and if they could see it in their homes or not, it was testing its role in the household.  It also has some look and feel elements in that it has a visual design.

-Example 10 is a look and feel prototype, since it was primarily intended to test the computer's portability and how it felt to carry around.

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